Steven Maxson

Steven Maxson, our School Improvement Consultant

Steven Maxson, our School Improvement Consultant

Steven Maxson is one of our School Improvement Consultants.

Following school education in Oldham, Lancashire, and a degree at the University of Oxford, Steven started work as a teacher and as Director of Music in 1991 in Cardiff.  Because of his ability to operate a computer, something of a rarity in 1991, he was also put in charge of the school’s timetable, and cover, and so joined the extended senior leadership team.

Since then, he was worked continuously in schools, including working within schools ranging from 3-18, personally teaching students from 9 – 18.  As a subject leader, he turned around a failing department to such an extent that it became the specialist subject of the school.

He has worked as an Assistant Head Teacher and, latterly, a Deputy Head Teacher since 2005, and has experience of leading Teaching and Learning, Quality Assurance (“a robust system for monitoring teaching and learning”, OFSTED, 2007), Staff Development, Assessment (including Assessment for Learning).  He has experience of whole school self evaluation, and of writing whole school development plans.  He led a twenty-first century teaching and learning project, based upon the research of Professor David Hargreaves (described as “visionary” by OFSTED, 2012), which transformed the whole methodology of learning for his then school, with positive outcomes.  He is passionate about the appropriate use of new technologies within education, and about teaching that is engaging, and that enables progress.  Steven has experience of working within the maintained, voluntary aided, academy, and independent sectors.

Steven is available for consultancy or interim leadership on a short or long-term basis, across the country.  Please complete the form, below, to enquire further about availability, or to request a call back.

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