New National Curriculum

The new National Curriculum frameworks for secondary schools in England

The new National Curriculum frameworks for secondary schools in England

The new National Curriculum frameworks have now been published by the Government, following the various consultations.  Some changes have been made from the initial documents, although the documents will remain familiar to anyone who engaged in the consultation.

What are the implications for your school?  The new frameworks are compulsory for all state schools in England, unless you are an academy or a free school.  However, even those schools have to provide a rounded curriculum.  What best to do?

Ask us for advice in shaping your curriculum to meet the needs both of the law, but also of your students, community, and context.

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GCSE Results’ day

One of the many traditional GCSE result images: jumping for joy!

One of the many traditional GCSE result images: jumping for joy!

And so to the annual rituals surrounding GCSE results: the usual photographs in the newspapers, the congratulations from the politicians, the tabloids criticising declining standards and stating how much easier exams now are!

In reality, schools and students are working harder than ever, for exams that will profoundly influence the futures both of institutions and individuals.  GCSE results will help to determine whether university offers are made, whether students get onto the sixth form courses of their choice, and will even find their way onto job applications for decades to come!

For schools, of course, the stakes are as high.  How well has each school performed?  And it’s no longer just one measure – 5 A*-C including English and Maths – that will be compared, it is much more complicated than that.  Indeed, so long as the 5 A*-C figure is above floor targets, it is the other measures that will be more important.

For advice on how to use the plethora of data, or how to improve outcomes for future years, please contact us to see how we can help.

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21st Century Learners

A "Facebook" account of World War II.

A “Facebook” account of World War II.

One of our areas of expertise is in the use of new technologies to engage and so enhance learning.  Today’s students live lives that couldn’t even have been imagined twenty years ago.  Instead of wanting to turn back the clock, why not engage them using  techniques and genres familiar to them?

Whether this image was designed to engage learners, or not, we have seen similar techniques used, in schools, in working with students on their ground.  Exactly the same information is contained as in a traditional essay, but the work is more enjoyable, and likely to be remembered more readily.

For further assistance in using new technologies to engage learners, please contact us.

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New Store

Our online store

Our online store

We have just opened our Maxson Consulting online store, hosted by Amazon. It will grow, with time, but already contains a selection of educational resources, both for classroom use, and for the use of teachers.

It includes hardware which can revolutionise delivery, if used effectively, such as iPad and iPod devices – we can offer advice on their effective and transformational use.  There are also various books for the use of teachers: practical guides, as well as research-based tomes.

Have a look, and don’t forget to check back on a regular basis, as we update our selection.

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Similar schools

These are interesting times in education in England.  There is a determined drive to increase standards led by the Government and whilst the methodologies and some of the underlying ideologies may well be anathema to some, this must, surely, be welcomed by all?

An example of the similar schools comparison.

An example of the similar schools comparison.

One recent development is the addition of “similar schools” to the Department for Education’s Performance Tables.  As well as viewing information about every school’s performance, including the relatively recent addition of Low, Middle and High attainers for each school, it is now possible to compare each school with a tranche of “similar” schools, enabling us all to compare how different schools cope with broadly similar intakes of students.  Interestingly, the list of similar schools is calculated in a different way from the list produced by OFSTED!

This list, and the data contained within, will be useful to all, even if this might seem threatening if your school is in the bottom half of the relevant table of schools.  Maxson Consulting can support you in using this data in order to improve your school – let’s grasp this as an opportunity to improve, rather than as another stick with which to beat us all!

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Welcome to Maxson Consulting.  We provide educational consultancy to schools and to individuals, and can provide training, coaching, mentoring to make a positive difference in your school.

Have a look at About Us to find out more about our background, and some of our areas of specialism.  Don’t worry if your area of need isn’t listed; through our network of consultants, we will be able to provide someone with the specialist knowledge that you need.

Check back, regularly, to read our thoughts on the world of education, management, leadership, and the world in general.

Some services are provided by our partner company, Consequi Limited.  Consequi Limited is a private company limited by shares, company number 9709410.  The registered office is at 2 Augustus Walk, Caistor, Lincolnshire, LN7 6GH.

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