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Social media: huge potential for educational benefit

Social media: huge potential for educational benefit

A recent training session led by Maxson Consulting surrounded advice for teachers on the use of Social Networks.  Of course, there are a number of avenues to this, positive and negative.  There is the crucial importance of ensuring that children are safe and that teachers are protected but there is also huge potential for education to make use of social media and Web 2.0 for the benefit of children.

It is important that teachers and other school staff maintain a professional approach to their use of social media, but where would the flipped classroom be without using Web 2.0?  How useful is it to track #UKSnow, live, and to translate this to an understanding of weather systems?  Why not curate a YouTube playlist to aid the study of Shakespeare, or to involve students in creating their own YouTube playlists of areas related to their GCSE Music studies?  And these are just some of the obvious ways……

Why not ask us to explore, with your staff, both the safeguarding aspects of social media use (reinforcing your own policies) as well as the educational benefits that it can bring?


Some safeguarding links:


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